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McWane on the MoveCan’t come to McWane? Learn how our educators can bring incredible STEAM learning experiences to your community.
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Outreach Activities for Alabama Communities

McWane on the Move provides hands-on, interactive programs that meet or supplement curriculum objectives throughout the state of Alabama and spark students’ scientific curiosity. Our mobile programs are perfect for classrooms, assembly programs, libraries, and other community events. Learn more about the amazing programs we have in store and how you can bring McWane to your community here!

Available Programs

Summer Library Programs

Journey into the Unknown!

Cost: $150.00
Additional Programs:$125.00
Restriction:30 Participants or less
Program Type:Classroom

Open a good book and open the door to a science adventure. With great stories of daring exploits as our guide, we’ll reveal the invisible, brave fiery dangers, uncover wonders below the surface of the earth, and soar through the skies at your library.

Great Adventures in Science!

Cost: $200.00
Additional Programs:$175.00
Restriction:30 Participants or more
Program Type:Assembly

The adventure begins. McWane invites readers of all ages to journey through the greatest stories of yesterday and today. Our journey will face perils real and fantastical. We’ll trek across hazardous terrain, learn how to take flight high above the earth with rockets and balloons, dive into an active volcano, and embark on further odysseys at the library!

*Note: The abovementioned prices apply only to Summer Library Programs.  All other programs are subject to the pricing structure below.

Pricing Plans*

Classroom Program
$150Up to 30 Students
In-person, on-location, live science programming

Smaller interactive experiences with hands-on learning

Choose from a variety of activities to suit your students’ needs

$25 add-on program discount

Assembly Program
$300> 30 Students, Max 150
In-person, on-location, live science programming

Larger interactive experiences with spectacular demonstrations

Choose from a variety of presentations to suit your students’ needs

$75 add-on program discount

*Note: A mileage charge of .63 cents/mile applies to ALL Alabama counties except Jefferson.  Also, prices will change effective June 1, 2024.  CLICK HERE to see the new pricing structure.

Available Programs

Classroom Programs

Solids and Liquids: The Science of Slime

Discipline Physical Science
ScienceGrade 2: 1, 2.3, 2.4, 5.1

Prepare to examine the strange chemical chains known as polymers as students make their own long-lasting slime—and get to keep it! Is slime a solid or a liquid? Only testing for the properties of the different states of matter will tell.

Measure Up New!

MathGrade K: 16, 17
ASELDSEK Math 4aYP-2, 4aOP-5

Get ready to rule the school as we explore the foundations of measurement! Using non-standard units, we’ll tip the scale and find the height to investigate the concepts of equal, more, and less.

Program is 30 minutes long.

Enlightening Electricity: The Science of Circuits

Discipline Physical Science
ScienceGrade 4: 2, 4

It’s electric! Students will explore circuits and how they work in order to create a functioning electrical system.

Amazing Animals

DisciplineLife Sciences
ScienceK: 3, 4; Grade 1: 6, 7; Grade 2: 6, 7; Grade 3: 5, 7, 10, 11; Grade 4: 9, 11; Grade 7: 6, 8, 10
Biology9 - 12

Bring animals right into your classroom! Students will learn about each animal’s natural habitat, diet, adaptations, and what makes them different from other living things.

Program is 30 minutes long.

Reactions in Action

DisciplinePhysical Science
ScienceGrade 2: 1, 2, 3, 4; Grade 4: 4; Grade 5: 1, 3, 4; Grade 8: 2, 3a, 4, 5

Students will get fired up about science as we explore combustion and dazzle them with color-changing liquids. These fascinating experiments teach students about chemical and physical changes. 

A-MAZE-ing Robots

DisciplinePhysical Science
Grades3rd -8
TechnologyGrade 3-5:3, 7
Digital LiteracyGrade 3: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 18, 19; Grade 4: 2, 3, 4, 7; Grade 5: 2, 4, 5, 6; Grade 6: 6, 15, 21, 30; Grade 7: 5; Grade 8: 5

Experience the world of computer coding using Ozobots, one of the world’s smallest programmable robots.

Inventive Engineering New!

Discipline Physical Science
Science3.1, 4.1, 4.3, 4.5

Students will need to use creativity, determination, and the engineering design process when they face off in a kinetic and potential energy challenge. Get ready to plan, build, and test a motion machine in this highly interactive program.

Sun Blocks

DisciplinePhysical Science
ScienceK:7, 8; Grade 1: 3

Students will learn about white and UV light as they build structures to block the negative effects of our sun.

Program is 30 minutes long.


DisciplineLife Science
ScienceK:4, Grade 1:7, and Grade 2:7

We’re uncovering the world of insects! Meet one of McWane’s 6-Legged friends and assemble your own unique species as we learn how some of the smallest animals make the biggest impact.

Assembly Programs

Alabama Scientists

DisciplinePhysical Science/Life Sciences
ProgramAssembly Only
ScienceGrade 2: 2; Grade 3: 3, 9; Grade 8: 3, 18

From electricity to rocket science, medicine to ecology, Alabama has a rich scientific heritage! Students will get an exciting introduction to famous Alabama scientists and amazing discoveries from our home state.

Superhero Science

DisciplinePhysical Science / Chemistry
ProgramAssembly Only
ScienceGrade 2: 4; Grade 3: 3; Grade 4: 2a; Grade 5: 1, 3, 4; Grade 8: 2, 4, 5, 11, 12

In this super-powered presentation, we’ll use exciting demonstrations to explore the science behind superpowers!

Recipe for a Storm New!

DisciplineEarth Science
ProgramAssembly Only
Science3.15, 6.13a

Forecasts call for wet, windy, and wild weather as we reveal the secret ingredients behind our planet’s most extreme weather. Students will marvel at the meteorology of subzero temperatures, gale-force winds, and more as they learn what it takes to brew up a storm.

Educational Scholarship Fund

Financial assistance for qualifying groups

McWane Science Center’s Education Scholarship Fund can be utilized to assist with the cost of field trips and outreach programs. Funds are limited and will be offered on a first come first served basis for Title I and other qualifying schools and organizations in Alabama. To see if your school or organization is eligible, please fill out the application and our scholarship administrator or reservation specialist will contact you.

McWane on the Move FAQs

All McWane on the Move requests must be received 2 weeks prior to the program date to be considered.

Add-on programs are additional bookings on your program date for separate class groups, which can be obtained at a discount. Add-on programs must be the same as the original program and scheduled for the same day and location. The student maximum of the original program applies to all discounted add-on programs.

McWane Science Center’s Educational Scholarship Fund can be used to assist with the cost of field trips and outreach programs. Funds are limited and will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis for Title I and other qualifying schools and organizations in Alabama. To see if your school or organization is eligible, please fill out an application and our scholarship administrator or reservation specialist will contact you.

Other Questions? Reach Out!

If you have questions about reserving a science program for your class or need further assistance coordinating outreach, please reach out today!

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