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Science Labs for Every ChildMcWane Science Center strives to provide homeschool students with opportunities to explore science in unique and fun ways!

Homeschool Labs in Birmingham, AL

Are you a parent looking for a way to spark a love of science in your child? Our homeschool labs are designed to supplement what children are learning at home, giving them the opportunity to safely engage with scientific equipment, experiments, and principles in ways that aren’t easily executed in the home classroom. Let us help you introduce your child to the wonders of the universe with our hands-on labs!

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Registration is closed until June 2023.

Program Schedule

Fall 20221st-2nd3rd-4th5th-6th7th-8th9th-12th
09/07/22Potential and Kinetic EnergyForces and the types of Energy Science + Problem SolvingWhat Newton Knew Forces and Motion I: Balloon Rockets
09/14/22Gravity Motion and Mechanical Energy ForensicsPotentially Kinetic Forces and Motion II: Rollercoasters
09/21/22MomentumThermal and Electromagnetic Energy Environmental Engineering Awakening the Force Light/Sound and Waves
09/28/22FrictionMachines and Transferring Energy Structural Engineering Life is a Rollercoaster Circuits
Winter 20231st-2nd3rd-4th5th-6th7th-8th9th-12th
01/04/23 The Engineering Process Geological Processes Machines + Mechanics What’s a Gene? Life Cycle of Stars
01/11/23 Simple MachinesClimate and Weather Electrical Engineering Genes and Adaptations Rock Cycle and Geology of Alabama
01/18/23 Measurement Life Cycles and Genetics CodingMutations and Genetic Disorders Constructive and Destructive Geological Processes
01/25/23 Art and Science Engineering an Ecosystem RoboticsTraits and Inheritance Weather

Health & Safety

McWane Science Center camps & homeschool labs follow the CDC, the American Camps Association, and the Alabama Department of Public Health guidelines for summer camps.

A final determination has not been made regarding masking policies for staff and campers. Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized often throughout the day. Social distancing, proper hand washing, and cough/sneeze etiquette will be followed by staff and campers. Health and wellness will be checked regularly. If a camper becomes ill, the parent will be called to pick them up.

Medical Release Forms are mandatory.

FAQs About Homeschool Labs

Please park in our parking deck and proceed to the lobby via the elevators or stairs.
We will provide parking tokens for free parking.

If you choose to park on the street, you will need to pay the appropriate parking meter fee.

No. You may leave the building while your child is in class. We will ask you to provide a number where you can be reached should we need to contact you.

Once you arrive, you may proceed to the check-in desk near the Ball Machine, in the lobby. Instructors will be available for sign-in by 9:15 am. They will have the sign-in sheets and parking tokens for you.

If you arrive after the students have gone to the classrooms, please check in at the ticketing counter and they will let you know where to take your child. The instructor will have the sign-in sheets and parking tokens with them in the classroom.

McWane Science Center follows the Birmingham City Public School system decisions regarding inclement weather. Home School Labs will NOT be held if Birmingham City Public Schools are closed due to weather conditions. Otherwise, classes will proceed at the normal time.

Due to limited space and instructional time, we typically do not allow parents to sit in on the lab programs. This helps to acclimate the students to a new learning environment and limit disruptions. If there are special needs to be considered, please let us know.

No. Any materials needed for the class will be provided on the first day unless otherwise requested by an individual instructor. Sometimes, parents have their own requirements about keeping notes, bringing a folder, etc., and that is perfectly acceptable.

If you would like to visit the museum while your child is in a lab, you will need to pay admission or show your membership card to enter the museum. This includes visits before and after class time.

All classes will meet at the check-in desk after class is over. You will need to sign your student out in order for the instructor to release your child. Don’t forget your token! Please respect that we have the safety of your child first in mind and allow us to get all of the children to the check-in area and accounted for BEFORE you sign them out.

No one can check your child out without your permission. If you plan on carpooling, or if you’ll have more than one adult checking your child out, please let your instructor know that on the first day of class.

Make sure they know to arrive on time and that they will need to sign themselves in and out for class. They will receive a parking token for the deck at check-out time.

No. We will not be assigning homework, taking anything for a grade, or giving any quizzes/tests in this program. Our goal is to provide science experiences for your child that will spark an interest in science and help you cover topics that may be difficult to do in a home setting. During the course of the program, your child may receive handouts that outline the material covered, resources for you and your child to explore, and/or other items the instructor finds interesting or helpful on the topic.

If possible, please let your instructor know that your child will not be attending class. While we do not offer make-up labs, we will provide you with the information sheet and be happy to discuss what was covered in that specific lab with you and your child. We do not provide refunds for individual classes missed.

We want all students to feel safe and comfortable in a fun learning environment. Parents will be notified immediately of any disruptive behavior. Parents may also be asked to attend labs with their children. If disruptive behavior continues, McWane Science Center reserves the right to ask the student not to return to the class.

Further Questions?

For more information, including policy & release forms, guest health & safety policies, and general questions about Homeschool Labs, please contact Jonah Cohen, Education Specialist.

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